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This material is for promotional purposes only. This public offering does not require prospectus.
  • 7,292.7 PLN raised capital
  • Project
  • 49 investors
  • 699,997 PLN share issue objective
  • 8.75 % equity on offer
  • 7.3 PLN stock price
  • 95,890 no. of stocks
  • 01.07.2019 end date
  • 20,002 PLN minimum threshold

SCFO S.A. was established to revive the Polish economy and revolutionize the way of settlements between entrepreneurs.

We are visionaries who believe in a revolution in the B2B market. Thanks to our SCFO Platform we enable entrepreneurs to turn liabilities into additional profit and receivables into better liquidity.



There is nothing We want more than freeing up your working capital


Every day, billions of zlotys are blocked in the receivables of companies throughout the country. For entrepreneurs, the average waiting time to receive payments is over 60 days.

Meanwhile, enterprises maintain a record level of cash on deposits, which at historically low interest rates, brings exceptionally low profits.

This inefficient system inhibits the development of both Buyers and Suppliers.



Company Deposits

Source: Monthly data from the banking sector, KNF, January 2019.

Real interest rate

Source: Own study based on CSO and NBP data



The threat of losing financial liquidity

Source: Small and medium sector state of enterprises in Poland report, Polish Agency of Enterprise Development Warszawa, june 2018


62,5 days

This is the average payment delays for invoices.

Source: Payment survey w Polsce 2018, Coface


30 mld PLN

The value of overdue liabilities of Polish enterprises at the end of 2018

Source: BIG InfoMonitor i BIK

solution - scfo platform

We turn liabilities into additional profit and receivables into better liquidity

The SCFO platform, which is an innovative and unique solution on the market, offers both sides of the transaction, what they need the most:


for Buyers

above-average profit without risk from capital surpluses and improvement of the supply chain condition.


for Suppliers

fast, easy and cheap access to cash for Suppliers when they need it.

example of action

These benefits are possible thanks to the Payment Acceleration Program developed by SCFO:


Dynamic Discount

The SCFO platform enables the Supplier to choose any new payment date. It is possible thanks to the mechanism of a Dynamic Discounting that adjusts the discount cost, depending on the selected new payment date. Such automation of negotiations allows for full flexibility in the selection of new payment dates and a great time saving by eliminating unnecessary e-mail and telephone arrangements.



We question the status quo


Deposits and treasury bonds are the only alternative ways to manage risk-free cash. SCFO allows for a huge increase in profits.

* - discount 0,4%-1,5% in 30-day terms

Source: Own study


30% of the SME sector companies use external financing. Among the advantages of this financial method, the most appreciated are:


short waiting time


low cost


little formalities

SCFO provides Suppliers with a tool tailored to their needs.

Factoring online Revolving loan SCFO
Time up to 24h up to 14 days Instant
Example cost
invoice for 100.000,00 PLN
(30 days)
4.400,00 PLN 800,00 PLN + 2.000,00 PLN commision (400 - 1.500 PLN)
Accessibility verification needed credit rating , exclusion of young companies No limits
Additional costs and requirements assignment of a debt account maintenance costs, additional service costs No costs. You only need to register on SCFO Platform.

business model


We operate in the SaaS model, the implementation of the SCFO Platform does not require any integration and changes to existing internal processes in the company.

0 zł

Both the Buyers and the Suppliers do not bear any fixed fees for the implementation and use of the SCFO Platform.


We operate in a secure revenue share model. Our commission is 19% of the profit generated by Buyers.

About us


Mateusz Obuchowski


Chief Originator and President of the Board. He is a graduate of Computer Science and Econometrics, spec. Big Data. Certified SAS Institute Data Analyst.

From the beginning associated with the financial sector. He directed his interest towards the capital market and investment practices on the stock exchange. The next natural step was the preparation for obtaining the CFA license and investment advisor, where after the first stage of the exam the idea of FinTech SCFO was born, introducing a solution for more efficient management of working capital in enterprises.

At SCFO he is responsible for business and financial matters.


Robert Kozłowski


Experienced IT director in the organizational structures of government administration and culture. He participated in the implementation of IT activities within the largest IT systems created in public administration, including CEPIK, Central BIP Platform, ePUAP, SNW Norwegian Fund, ZPI Polish Film Institute, GIS Platform of Threats of the Municipal Police in Warsaw.

He ran his own business as a long-term auditor of IT projects security (2007- 2017) in public administration. Author of a number of projects dedicated to security policies of public entities and service sector companies. Project Manager (Prince2) and certified by the Polish Academy of Sciences Data Protection Supervisor (GDPR).

In SCFO he is the Vice-President of the Management Board and the Operations Director, responsible for the security of the solution and the functionality of the SCFO Platform. Supervises the effectiveness of technology selection, resource processing and implementation feasibility of the project at all its stages.


Zenon Strzępek

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

From the beginning of his professional career associated with foreign trade. Initially, as an Economic Attache at the Commercial Office of the Polish Embassy in Moscow, then as the department's director in the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Commercial Attaché at the Commercial Office of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Belgrade. In later years, he held managerial functions in the Foreign Trade Office of the Stalowa Wola Steelworks as the director and president of the board in the Polish Defense Consortium. A long-term president of the board of the Polish Financial and Investment Association CENTRUM, where he was responsible for the optimization and supervision of financial processes.

A graduate of the Higher School of Social Sciences in the Economics of industry and industrial enterprises. He graduated from the UMCS in Rzeszów. In later years, he studied at post-graduate studies at the Academy of Foreign Trade.

At SCFO, he is the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Board Adviser in the field of business contacts and negotiations as well as finance.


Maciej Lenard

Chief Marketing & Technology Officer

He studied Computer Science at the University of Valencia and the Warsaw University of Technology.

From an early age he had contact with the world of marketing, helping in the duties of a family-run advertising company. He gained additional professional experience in the consulting company Accenture. He graduated from the Deep Learning and Machine Learning specialization at courses taught by Stanford University lecturers, gaining knowledge about artificial intelligence and data processing.

At SCFO he is responsible for process analysis of the solution and marketing.




Market analysis, base version of SCFO platform.


Production version of the SCFO Platform, ready for deployment.


Akcelerator Mazowiecki


Semi-finalist Accelerator - there were 7 companies including SCFO.



Toyota Bielany
Sturtup Academy


Akademia Grzegorza Turniaka
Mały Odkrywca


Wolves Summit

„Great Pitch Contest”

Akcelerator Mazowiecki

Accelerator final

Scale Up

Acceleration program
„Scale Up”

Investment goals and plans

Development of the SCFO Platform (60%)

  • Mobile application and implementation of PSD2 directive which will allow to automate payment processes between enterprises.
  • Functional development for emerging market needs.
  • Maintaining the highest level of security of the processed data.

promotional and sales activities (20%)

  • Building market awareness of a new financial optimization solution for entrepreneurs.
  • Promotional and sales activities carried out in cooperation with a PR agency.

European Funds (20%)

  • Intelligent Development Operational Program - Competition 2 / 1.1.1. / 2019 Fast Track, for the creation of an artificial intelligence module.

Additional benefits

dodatkowe korzyści

from 7 shares (51.1 PLN)


By buying seven shares you will receive from us:

  • participation in General Meeting of Shareholders
dodatkowe korzyści

from 70 shares (511 PLN)


By buying 70 shares you will receive from us:

  • benefits from an earlier package
  • social media training - 2h
dodatkowe korzyści

from 150 shares (1 095 PLN)


By buying 150 shares you will receive from us:

  • benefits from an earlier package
  • finance and accounting training - 2h
dodatkowe korzyści

from 250 shares (1 825 PLN)


By buying 250 shares you will receive from us:

  • social media training - 2h
  • finance and accounting training - 2h
  • RODO and data security training- 3h
dodatkowe korzyści

from 700 shares (5 110 PLN)


By buying 700 shares you will receive from us:

  • benefits from an earlier package
  • all-day RODO Premium training (for 2 people)
  • evening meeting with founders
dodatkowe korzyści

from 1 000 shares (7 300 PLN)


By buying 1000 shares you will receive from us:

  • benefits from an earlier package
  • 15% discount Voucher for full RODO implementation in company(audit, creation of RODO documentation, supervision over implementation)
dodatkowe korzyści

from 7 000 shares (51 100 PLN)


By buying 1000 shares you will receive from us:

  • benefits from an earlier package
  • SCFO commision reduced to 0% for chosen company

Payment Service Directive 2

With the introduction of Regulatory Technical Standards in September 2019, we will be able to fully use the possibilities of the PSD2 Directive and open banking and the payment process between contractors will be fully automated.

PSD2 makes an end of banks monopoly and opens the door to product innovations in the area of payment and banking services. Thus, payments will be able to be carried out not only by banks but also by financial institutions and Fin-Techs. The new regulations will expand the existing payment services market, while maintaining the interest of consumers.


With the introduction of Regulatory Technical Standards in September 2019, the payment process between contractors will be fully automated. Implementation of the shared banking standard will allow securing the required funds on the recipient's bank account and automation of payment using biometric user authorization.


Exit strategies for investors

SCFO S.A. articles of association do not impose any restrictions in shares trading on investors.

  • Share repurchase by SCFO S.A., after 2 years from the end of the company’s share issue.
  • Acquisition of some shares by another investor. It may be an industry investor, business angel or other small investor.
  • Public offering - issue on the stock exchange. Considered year is 2022/2023.